Our Present Situation

The Anglican Church has a long and fine reputation in Port Melbourne.
Holy Trinity church was established in 1854, and has continued ever since on this site, in a number of buildings.

After the sale of the church in 1999, the Holy Trinity congregation was small, and became itinerant because it lacked a permanent home base. The Rev Con and Sally Apokis left Holy Trinity in 2009, the Rev Lance Lawton was appointed as the Transition Minister to determine the future direction of the parish.

In May 2011, the Rev Noel Whale, having recently retired, was invited by Archbishop Phillip Freier to come to HTPM on a part time basis to re-establish the Anglican presence in Port Melbourne. We now meet in the parish hall, built in 1886 with many fine historic features. It has now been Commissioned as the Parish Church of Port Melbourne, and so continues a fine tradition of the Anglican Church from 1854 to 2014.