Welcome to Holy Trinity: We are a small but growing Anglican Church community in Port Melbourne. Visitors are welcome.

Our Vision

To become a vibrant, community of faith on Bay Street. One which nurtures members and welcomes others.

Congratulations to our priest Noel Whale. Celebrating 50 years of his Ordination to the Priesthood

Bush Fire Relief Appeal

Thanks to your generous support, we were able to donate $3792.90 to the Country Fire Authority Bush Fire Relief Appeal in June 2020.

Church Roof Appeal

Thanks to your generous support, we have now paid for the roof replacement.

Our Inspiring Chalk Board

An email Father Noel received recently:

Hi Father Noel,

I took a photo of your message on the outside of the church tonight as I got off the bus. This message gives me great hope that there’s someone who GETS it… instead of so many who are losing it. Refreshing. I have shared the photo on social media and to friends & family all over the world. They have commented “wow” from different angles. THANK YOU. Keep up the (seemingly) fantastic work & wide(r) perspective.

Best, xxx

And a follow-up email which said:

I am so glad Father Noel wrote that message on the chalk board. It has restored for me, on a personal level, some glimmer of faith in the Church.
If only more leaders would be as brave, human and lovingly compassionate. Keep up the great work you do and THANK YOU for making me even more grateful to live in our beautiful, magical Port Melbourne community.


162 Bay Street,
Port Melbourne, 3207


Sundays 10am


(The Reverend Noel Whale)
Office: 9646 3123
Mobile: 0412 196 127 (Preferred Means of Contact)