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Blessing of the Dogs

Dog Blessing Although the Port Melbourne weather was wet, windy and raining, our church at Holy Trinity was awash with enthusiasm, joy and happiness, as dog owners brought their pets inside to be blessed.
Would you like to see a gallery of photos taken on the day?  Click HERE.
Please share with dog owners who were either present, or who would have liked to be.

Silent Movie

Silent Movie Each year Holy Trinity hosts a Silent Movies evening.
Would you like to know more, and hopefully be with us on July 18?
Click HERE for details.

Art Exhibition

Art Exhibition Do you enjoy viewing original quality art?
The Port Melbourne Artists Group are holding an exhibition supporting Holy Trinity soon.
To find out more, click HERE for details.

Historic Dinner

Historic Dinner In 1908, following a disasterous storm that blew down our steel church, a group of ladies from Holy Trinity, the Ladies Guild, worked hard to raise funds to build its replacement. One of their initiatives was the creation of a Recipe Book. We have taken some of their recipes, and will prepare for you, a dinner to remember in August. Will you join us?
To find out more, click HERE for details.

Pew Notices

Pew Notices Each week Lorraine types up the Pew Notices for inclusion at the Sunday 10am service. These provide an invaluable way to stay informed. But, what to do if you are away? No worries - we reproduce them on the church website for you. There is also a searchable archive of previous notices for those keen on research.
To find out more, click HERE for details.

Readings Schedule

Readings As you would be aware, at each service we hear readings from the Bible. These are planned out over a three year cycle, and provide an excellent means of spiritual inspiration. How to know what the Readings are from one week to the next? No problem, we have them for you on the website, each with a relevant image, a small taste of the reading, and a link to the full reading for your personal reflection. Click HERE.

Our Archbishop's Promotion

Archbishop's Promotion Congratulations to our Archbishop Philip Freier on being elected Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia. The Primate is the Spokesperson and the Leader of the Anglican Church in Australia whilst remaining Archbishop of Melbourne.
Click HERE to see his photograph on his recent visit to Holy Trinity in Port Melbourne.