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Front of Holy Trinity Port Melbourne
Exterior of Holy Trinity Port Melbourne
Inside Holy Trinity Port Melbourne
Holy Trinity Port Melbourne Old Roof Detail
Holy Trinity Port Melbourne Detail of Tiler at Work
Holy Trinity Port Melbourne Tile Lift
Holy Trinity Port Melbourne Scaffolding for Tilers
Holy Trinity Port Melbourne Roof Retiling Stage 1

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New Roof Appeal

A message from The Reverend  Noel Whale
to our many friends and supporters.

A miracle has happened on Bay Street Port Melbourne!

Five years ago the Anglican Parish of Holy Trinity Port Melbourne was praying for its very survival. After 163 years on the same site at 162 Bay Street Port Melbourne the future of the church was being seriously considered.

Fortunately the faith of a few parishioners and new leadership along with support of the Bishop and Archbishop the parish has had a resurrection and now once again stands proudly on Bay Street as a witness to the love of God in Jesus Christ.

Being faced with a leaking roof damaging the interior of the church we decided the time had come after 130 years to re roof the church.

The final cost of the project was $46,000 and the roofing contractor has done a beautiful job in itself an work of art in slate!

We have friends all over the world and I am appealing
to all of our supporters to help pay for this work
which is part of our renewal.

I invite you to make a donation towards the considerable cost and so enable the church on Bay Street to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ as it has since 1854.
Sincerely yours, Noel
The Reverend Noel Whale, Priest of Holy Trinity Church Port Melbourne.

Send cheques made payable to
"Holy Trinity Church Roof Appeal
Holy Trinity Anglican Church,
PO Box 477 Port Melbourne, Vic 3207

Direct Bank transfer details:
Westpac BSB 033-018  Account 336 590
Reference: "Roof Appeal"

Holy Trinity Port Melbourne Exterior View with some tiles removed

The south side roof displays damage from age and excessive lichen growth - this side leaks quite badly.

Holy Trinity Port Melbourne old roof showing signs of its age

One of the 130 year old tiles showing signs of onionskin weathering resulting in significant thinning and general weakness.

Holy Trinity Port Melbourne one of the removed tiles looking thin and worn

Holy Trinity Port Melbourne the tilers truck arrives with equipment for retiling our church

Once the old tiles have been removed, plus the old and rotting batons, sisal sheeting is laid down to insulate, waterproof and prevent egress of dirt and wind driven rain. The sheeting is held in position with new batons to which new tiles will be nailed.

Holy Trinity Port Melbourne once old tiles are removed, waterproof sisal sheeting is laid down and covered with batons

The tilers work as a team attaching new tiles in a neat and repetitive pattern. These tiles, from Spain, should last for another 100 years.

Holy Trinity Port Melbourne Amazing progress on the south side of the roof

Holy Trinity Port Melbourne Teamwork as tilers fit brand new slates worth $10 each!

Holy Trinity Port Melbourne Stacked new tiles awaiting fixing to the new batons.

South side of roof now complete.

Holy Trinity Port Melbourne Roof South side nearly completed

With old tiles removed, sunlight streams into the north side ceiling.

Sunlight shining through gaps in north roof as old tiles removed.

Sunlight shining through gaps in north roof as old tiles removed.

Sunlight shining through gaps in north roof as old tiles removed.

North side roof with new sisal sheeting and new batons in position awaiting new tiles.

Holy Trinity North Roof New Batons and sheeting before new tiles are laid

New tiles being nailed onto the north side roof.

Holy Trinity - nailing on new tiles to north side roof.