Sunday Service

The second Sunday of Lent

10 am Eucharist with hymns

Celebrant & Preacher: The Reverend Noel Whale

Piano: Jim Richardson


Monday 14 March                      5.30pm             Meditation

Thursday 17 March                  11.30am            Area Deanery Meeting

                                                        6.00pm             Parish Council Meeting


LENT 2022

Lent is a penitential season in preparation for the Festival of Easter. The Order of the Liturgy is changed during Lent- there are no Alleluias, the Gloria in Excelsis is not said or sung and instead the Trisagion on Page 121 is said.  The Preparation, the Words of Approach, the Confession and Absolution are all said in the centre of the Liturgy. The Second Sentences are said where there is an option to do so, and the Anthems and Invitation to Communion on Page 146 are used. There are no flowers in the sanctuary during Lent and the Liturgical colour is purple or blue. Holy Pictures and Icons and the cross are veiled in Holy Week. Lent is a more meditative and reflective season of the church year and the liturgy tries to encourage this sense and atmosphere.   Do have a gentle and positive Lent in these turbulent times.

VICAR’S RETIREMENT                                                                                                                                               

Noel’s final service at Holy Trinity will be on SUNDAY 27 March at 2pm. There will not be a morning service that day.  Following the Eucharist a Farewell Afternoon Tea/ Drinks Party will be held which will continue through the day and all are welcome to attend.


… will be organised by the Archbishop and Bishop Genieve in consultation with the parish members of the Incumbency Committee, Debra Kerr, Craig Petersen and Jill Mahar.


The driveway work inside the back gate to Adams Lane has now been completed and will be available for use from next week.  Thanks to Hunky Dory for their contribution to the cost of this important project.

ANGLICAN BOARD OF MISSION (ABM) PEW REFLECTIONS – The Second Sunday of Lent – Luke 13: 31 – 35

Today’s gospel reading sees some Pharisees come to warn Jesus that Herod Antipas is out to kill him and they warn him away from Jerusalem.  Jesus is not at all deterred by their caution, and tells the Pharisees to tell ‘that fox’ Herod about how he is casting out demons and healing the sick for the next three days. Despite knowing that being in Jerusalem will result in his death, Jesus remains utterly committed to playing his part in God’s mission.

  • Lord, like you may I play my part in working for God’s kingdom, never shying away from it even when difficulties and worries abound. Text:  Robert McLean © Anglican Board of Mission, 2021


Members of the HTPM community are encouraged to make regular financial contributions so that parish life can be maintained.  Contributions can be offered either through the plate at church or via bank transfers into our bank account.

Bank account details:  Account Name:                 Holy Trinity Cheque Account  (Westpac)

BSB:                                    033 018

Account Number:              101281

Please add ‘Collection Plate’ in the Reference section. MANY THANKS