Eucharist with hymns  Anzac Day ceremonies

Celebrant & Preacher:            The Reverend Noel Whale

Piano:                                        Maree N’Diaye


Acts 4: 5 – 12

Psalm 23

1 John 3: 16 – 24

John 10: 11 – 18


138         Eternal Father, strong to save

362        Jesus Christ is risen today

672        Lord of earth and all creation

372        Jesus lives!  Your terrors now

National Anthem – Advance Australia Fair


CHURCH OPEN AGAIN DURING THE WEEK!                                                                                                             

To make this possible we need volunteers who are able to give one hour on Thursday or Friday to be in the church to monitor and assist visitors who wish to enter the church for prayer.  List on the table for names.  Speak to Noel if you are interested in this Covid safe normal action.


The first of May marks the tenth anniversary of The Reverend Noel Whale’s appointment as the locum priest of Holy Trinity Port Melbourne on 1 May 2011 !  Let us give thanks to God for the many blessings that we have received over the last decade and the support and encouragement of the Holy Spirit in our parish life and ministry with the community of Port Melbourne.


Sunday, April 25 – The Fourth Sunday of Easter

For those of us who live in cities far away from shepherds and sheep, the image of Christ as the Good Shepherd can seem remote. But, at its heart, the image is one of supreme care.  Sheep are precious to shepherds – they are not just a source of income but beings upon whom care and attention is lavished.  Each one of us is precious in God’s eyes.

  • Give thanks for God’s love and care towards each one of us, and pray that we might live in a way that thanks God for the tender care and blessings we receive.
  • Give thanks for the work and witness of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Anglican Council.

Text:    Robert McLean – ABM’s Partnerships Coordinator
© Anglican Board of Mission, 2021


The sick:   Ben H, Ping C, Sylvia P, Douglas W, Taran C,  Selena, Thelma E, Premier Dan Andrews, Louise S, Peter B, Paul C, Jennifer F, Jack F, Heather H, Frank A,  Penny H,  Joy E, Lorina, Anne R,  Neil M, Carolanne W, Duncan, Marion dG.

Those in long-term need of our prayers:  Ken P,  Peter dG, Ruth & Paul Chew, Eric W, Caroline N’D & Zaine.

For your prayers:

Holy Trinity Port Melbourne – for our presence in the local community;

Noel our priest, Genieve our Bishop, Philip our Archbishop;

St Paul’s Cathedral Melbourne, the Dean and staff;

Communities throughout the world, as we all manage and deal with the effects of the coronavirus;

Those who have died as a result of war, especially the members of the Australian Defence Forces;

Those who suffered injury and disability as a result of war and who carry life-long wounds physically and mentally as a result of their ADF service;

The peace of the world.