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Barbara Hunter
(nee Senior)
Memorial Window. Christ the Light of the World

Our Cross created from historic Princes Pier timbersNew Historic Cross

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Holy Trinity Anglican Church
Port Melbourne

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Barry Jones
Barry Jones OAM is speaking on Sunday May 27th at 10am
For Trinity Sunday - Parish Patronal Festival

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Church Roof Appeal

Visit the Roof Appeal page to learn about this exciting development, and how you may assist if you so desire.


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Brigidine Asylum Seeker Project (BASP)

As a faith community, the people at Holy Trinity believe we have a responsibility to care for refugees and asylum seekers in our midst.
Visit our "Activities" page to see what we are doing and how you can assist.

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Holy Trinity Port Melbourne needs a Volunteer Pianist once a month on Sunday 10am Eucharist and also a Volunteer Cantor to lead the singing once a month on Sunday at 10am.

More details please contact
The Reverend Noel Whale jonahnoel@hotmail.com

Sunday School Commences

Sunday School First Day

Our Inspiring Chalk Board

An email Father Noel received recently:

Hi Father Noel, I took the attached photo of your message on the outside of the church tonight as I got off the bus. This message gives me great hope that there's someone who GETS it, instead of so many who are losing it. Refreshing.
I have shared the photo on social media, and friends & family all over the world have commented "wow" from different angles.
Keep up the (seemingly) fantastic work & wide(r) perspective.

Best, xxx

And a follow-on email which said:

I am so glad Father Noel wrote that message on the chalk board. It has restored for me, on a personal level, some glimmer of faith in the Church.
If only more leaders would be as brave, human and lovingly compassionate. 

Keep up the great work you do, and THANK YOU for making me even more grateful to live in our beautiful, magical Port Melbourne community.


Welcome to Holy Trinity: We are a small but growing Anglican Church community in Port Melbourne. Visitors are welcome.

Please Visit Us

We invite you to glance through our website, visit our church, and discover for yourself the excitement we feel.

Our website is aimed at three different audiences:
(a) Our regular congregation: to provide you with recent, timely information such as Pew Notices, Rosters, Current Readings.
(b) Visitors who are searching for a church: you would like to visit and perhaps join: the website provides you with a rich source of information about what it would be like to be a church member here with us.
(c) Visitors, perhaps from other church congregations: you may be curious about how we do things here; or or are historians researching church histories.

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Our Vision

To be a vibrant faith community on Bay Street that nurtures its members and welcomes others.
This topic will be developed further on the "Our Vision" page.

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What Will You Find on Our Website?

Chat: Read suggestions to improve our Church Hospitality.
Notices: Read new announcements about what is about to happen plus recent Pew Notices. Also find links to archive of previous Pew Notices.

Holy Trinity's Environment: Discover what it feels like here.
Services: When do we meet for worship? What are the Readings?
Readings: This page provides you with two excellent "Bible Readings" engines. The first, a continuous calendar, gives the readings references for every day. The second is a special Bible Browser, that will take you to the full Bible reading.
Activities: The various things we do here. Join us!

Find Us: How may you travel to our church?
Contact Us: How may you make contact with us?
160th Anniversary: What is happening in 2014, our 160th?

Our Needs: Are you able to assist with current needs?
Our Vision: Our strategic plan for the future.
Our History: How we have travelled from our 1854 'tent church until now.

Photo Gallery: Many photos, in galleries, organized under church topics.
Windows: View in exquisite detail our beautiful stained glass windows.
Archives: Searchable archives of church business such as pew notices.

Outside Links: We are part of a much wider community.
Site Map: For those who like to see a web-site overview.