Services: The Church’s Ministry

Palm Sunday Procession in Bay Street

Sunday 10.00am Eucharist
with Hymns, Songs and Music

Why not come and join us? Be assured of a warm welcome.

The service is followed by Morning Tea – try our quality expresso coffee…

Please note – The Sunday morning service is normally held at 10.00am.

Any variation to this will be indicated on the Notices page.

The Church Ministries

Baptisms (commonly known as Christenings)

All who would like to have their children baptised and young people and adults who seek baptism into the Christian Church, are welcome to call the church for a discussion.


All those who desire God’s blessing in their relationship are invited to contact the church for a discussion.


A priest at ordination is required to conduct the funerals of those who have died. Please call the church for a discussion.

Anointing and Laying on of Hands

A priest is ordained to anoint with holy oil the sick, those close to death, and others who seek this ministry with the laying on of hands.

Confirmation Preparation

At our baptism, promises of faith were made on our behalf by our parents and god-parents.

The Sacrament of Confirmation is the time when we confirm our baptismal vows for ourselves. For many people, confirmation is the time for admission to Holy Communion.

Holy Communion at Home or in Hospital
for Sick, Aged, or Infirm

The Sacrament of Holy Communion is available on request to those who are housebound or in hospital, sick or infirm. The parish Pastoral Assistant can be available for this ministry.

Counselling and Confessions

Please call the church.

Schedule of Readings

A Schedule of Readings may be found by clicking HERE.