• St Paul’s Cathedral Melbourne:  On Sunday 8 August 2021 there will be a 10am Choral Eucharist and an 8am Book of Common Prayer (1662) Eucharist.
  • Anglican Parish of the Parks – St Silas and St Anselm, Albert Park:  Follow the links to Worship and Sunday VideoNB  9.30am Sundays – Sung Eucharist.
  • St John’s Camberwell:   Follow links to ‘Online Services’.  Eucharist @ 8am, Sung Eucharist @ 10am.
  • St George’s East Ivanhoe:  Follow links to ‘Media’.  Choral Eucharist@ 10am is streamed on Facebook and Youtube.
  • St Hilary’s Kew:  10am – Sunday 26 September 2021


It’s been a giddy couple of weeks for me, a whirlwind of emotion, joy, happiness, gratitude and memories as I have in the past days celebrated my 80th Birthday, the 50th Anniversary of my Ordination to the Priesthood, the 50th Anniversary of my First Celebration of the Eucharist on St Michael’s Day 29 September, and the fantastic AFL Premiership win by the Melbourne Football Club – the team I have been a member of for the past 37 testing and demanding years!

I have been overwhelmed with the messages of congratulations and love and prayers for all of this despite being in isolation at Sunbury because of Covid. How will we even begin to celebrate I wonder?

Thank you again I am hugely appreciative


NRW 50th priestly anniversary




There is still nothing to report as to when we will be able to gather for worship at Holy Trinity.  The Diocese advises the clergy after each directive from the government, as to how the restrictions are to be observed.

It looks like it will be a limit of 20 people inside or outside, masks to be worn, 4sqm rule applied, a mix of vaccinated and no vaccinated people able to attend.

An email will be sent to all at HTPM as soon as permission is given to worship.



Many thanks to the Trinity Apartment Gardeners who have offered to clear up and maintain the church grounds and gardens

during this time of lockdown.  We are very appreciative of this, as it’s important that the church and grounds are maintained

to a high standard on Bay Street.



“Below is an article I read some time ago that reminded me again on how to pray the Lord’s prayer more meaningfully.”

It says:

I cannot pray “Our” if my faith has no room for others and their needs.
I cannot pray “Father” if I do not demonstrate this relationship in my daily life.
I cannot pray “who is in Heaven” if all my interests and pursuits are in earthly things.
I cannot pray “hallowed be Your name” if I, who am called by his name am not holy.
I cannot pray “Your Kingdom come” if I am unwilling to give up my own sovereignty and accept the righteous reign of God.
I cannot pray “Your will be done” if I am unwilling or resentful of having it in my life.
I cannot pray “on Earth as it is in Heaven” unless I am truly ready to give myself to his service here and now.
I cannot pray “give us this day our daily bread” without expending honest effort for it or by ignoring the genuine needs of those near and far.
I cannot pray “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us” if I continue to harbour a grudge against anyone.
I cannot pray “lead us not into temptation” if I deliberately choose to remain in a situation where I am likely to be tempted.
I cannot pray “deliver us from evil” if I am not prepared to fight in the spiritual realm with the weapon of prayer.
I cannot pray “Yours is the kingdom” if I do not give the King the disciplined obedience of a loyal subject.
I cannot pray ” Yours is the power” if I fear what my neighbours do or say to me.
I cannot pray ” Yours is the glory” if I am seeking my own glory first.
I cannot pray “forever” if I am anxious about each day’s events.
I cannot pray “Amen” unless I honestly say “Cost what it may, this is my prayer.”